My Film Making Projects

Advertisements for Króníka

Social media ads for the book publishing company Króníka. Here above is one of the ads that I made in connection to one specific book. 

My contribution: Camerawork, audio recording, editing, and post production

Duration: November 2023

Advertisement for Korda Samfónía

New members of Korda Samfónia were going to host a concert at Harpan Concert Hall in May 2023. The coordinator contacted me and wanted to make ads from the documentary material. I made both 30-second and 15-second versions for multiple media outlets (Instagram story, Newsfeed, Youtube, and an LED screen 1920 × 576).

My contribution: Editing ads of the band for Harpa Concert Hall and Korda Samfónia

Duration: February 2023

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Gleðiverkfæri Gleðiskruddunnar

Gleðiverkfæri Gleðiskruddunnar / The Happy Tools of the Joy-Book is a children's show based on the philosophy of positive psychology. In each episode, one happy tool is presented, which has the purpose of promoting self-knowledge, positive feelings, increasing well-being, optimism, and hope, and at the same time helping children and young people cope with the tasks and challenges of daily life.

My contribution: Project manager, editing

Project at the Icelandic National Broadcasting station

Duration: May 2022 – March 2023

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A children's TV show about books. In this episode, the character Alfie Atkins (Einar Áskell in Icelandic) is examined and the puppet maker that made Alfie describes how he made the puppet.

My contribution: Multi-camera editing

Project at the Icelandic National Broadcasting station

Duration: October 2022

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We get to know the aspiring composers who participated in Upptakturinn the composition award for children and young people. Short introduction of each participant. A feature in a weekly show called Húllumhæ.

My contribution: Project manager, camerawork, editing

Project at the Icelandic National Broadcasting station

Duration: March – April 2022

A promotional video for the documentary (with English subtitles)

Ég sé þig

Ég sé þig is an Icelandic documentary about how creative music media can be used to help people become active in society. In the episode, we follow the creation of Korda Samfónía, a 35-member orchestra that consists of people who have sought help from vocational rehabilitation centers, instrumentalists from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, and students and staff of the Creative Music Media at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

My contribution: Camerawork at practice with the band and at the concert. Transcription of interviews. Editing the first rough cut of the whole documentary. 

Freelance project

Duration: May-August 2021


An educational TV show for children that explains each Global Goal of the United Nations and why it is important to complete each goal before the year 2023. 

My contribution: Editing part of episodes

Project at the Icelandic National Broadcasting Station in collaboration with the Ministry of the Presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Duration: January – February 2021

Farðu / Leave

Short film - The daughter of an alcoholic is dating a young man and invites him to her home. Everything is going as planned until the past comes knocking when an uninvited guest appears.

My contribution: Screenwriting, directing, editing

Final project in film study (High School)

Duration: January – May 2020